Heart Forth, Alicia

You play Alicia, a young wizard living on an island in the sky named Auster. Through numerous events she has ended in the land beneath the clouds by the will of an evil Spirit. She sets off on a journey to get back to Auster and stop the Spirit from terrorizing her homeland. Defending herself with her Wizard’s Lace, she defeats hostile creatures and wicked enemies. She acquires spells to aid her on her adventure whether they be used against enemies or to solve puzzles. 

With Alicia’s story comes the story of The Woman. A live-action story that gives off a different perspective of the game. Maybe even changing how you view the world of Heart Forth, Alicia.

Heart Forth, Alicia looks to be an instant classic. It has beautiful pixel art, dynamic lighting, fluid combat, and an intriguing story. It wears it’s inspirations on its sleeve. It’s easy to tell that it has the combat of Castlevania, the world building of Zelda, the maze like levels of Super Metroid, and  with a Xenogears-esque story, it’s a force to be reckoned with. And the live-action story is a very interesting addition. I can’t wait to see how that will be incorporated. I for one am very excited for this game and I know I will be seeing much more of it in the future.

Heart Forth, Alicia is set to be released on PC in 2015 but is currently on Kickstarter and has already achieved their goal of $60,00 but there is still time to pledge and there are still some amazing stretch goals that will make this game all the more grander so I encourage you to pledge if you can!

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Magikarp after winning at Magikarp Splash in Pokemon Stadium

Magikarp after winning at Magikarp Splash in Pokemon Stadium

Cosmochoria (alpha preview)

     You play as this cute little naked astronaut that goes from planet to planet on a mission to pollinate their surfaces with plants and kill hostile aliens. When aliens are killed they drop shards “from their bums” that you can use to buy items that will help you on your quest. When a planet is fully pollinated it will heal you from any damage you might have taken as best it can. There are also pyramid turrets you can build that will automatically kill and aliens or asteroids that are heading your way.

     I went into this game blind and found really no difficulty learning how to play from just mashing buttons. I started just planting and aliens showed up so naturally I started shooting them. I collected their droppings and kept planting. Soon all my plants had matured and my planet was fully pollinated so I used my jetpack to get to the next planet to continue planting. I reached a planet with structures that looked like Stonehenge but I ignored them and kept planting. Once I had fully pollinated that planet all the structures had portals in them and teleported me to one planet with “ an old hermit alien at his busted ass wooden shack” and another Stonehenge that was portaless . Old alien dude told me some shit that was probably important but I just kept planting. Once his planet was pollinated the portal opened and sent me back to the original portal where I encountered my first boss, A dragon. A space dragon. A fire-breathing space dragon that was trying to eat me. Things got intense really quick. So I spent a few minutes killing that mofo and he exploded into million of poo shards. This pretty much how the game went on until I died 2 hours later. I fought 3 more bosses, a dragon, a giant alien mother ship, and a crystal/ice dragon that managed to kill me. I had planted over a hundred plants and pollinated over 20 planets.

     It’s honestly impressive how good this game is in an alpha stage. It’s fun and at times really challenging. The art-style is cute and cartoony. The gameplay is extremely fun. It really sucks you into its procedurally generated galaxy. You really do have the need to plant all the plants on all the planets. All in all I feel good playing this game.

You can play the Alpha preview of Cosmochoria at and you can you vote for it on Steam Greenlight right now!

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